Thursday, July 6, 2017

To register for your ECLIPSE account with the city of Philadelphia you will need your City of Philadelphia Fire Suppression Workers license number.  You will then need an online identifier number specific to your name.  This number can be obtained by calling 215-686-2490.  This links you to the Philadelphia 311 system.  Stay on the line to speak with an operator.  Once you have an operator give them your Full Name and license number and ask for your online identifier. The license number is on your certificate or the last 5 numbers on your identification card issued about 10 years ago.  Once you have your online identifier number CLICK HERE to register and renew your City of Philadelphia Fire Suppression Worker License.  You will click under the register tab to begin.
Fill in the information tabs.  Once complete click "Finish Registration" tab.
A verification e-mail will be sent to the email provided.  Follow the instructions on the email sent to your account.
Once verified you can log into your account.  On the home page select "Associate a Trade License".
Enter your license number then your online identifier number.  Click  Submit.  If successful it will inform you.  Click "Return to home page" link.
On your home page scroll down to "My Trade Licenses".  Click on the grey area associated with your license to open.  From here you have options to the right.
One of the options is to "Renew License".  If you are expiring click "Renew License".

Verify the information shown is correct.  You will need to upload a photo ID of yourself.  Take a "mugshot" picture of yourself and upload to your computer.  Remember where you save it.
Click at the bottom of the screen "upload file".  You can either drag the photo into the select files box or click add files and find where you saved it on your computer.  Once imported add a description of the phot such as "Photo of Your Name 01/01/2017.  Then click "Start Upload".
This will return you to the home page.  You will notice the bottom will list your photo as pending.  This is normal as the City has to process your identification.
Log out then log back in to pay your new fee.
Once logged back go to bottom of the page and select "Photo ID" from the dropdown box.
Click "no" under would you like to amend your license"
Once selected scroll down further to expose the "Pay online" box
Follow directions. 
If there are any problems call Don Sweeten 215-673-9565